Three Meals

a Day

Speculative Design Fiction - Bio Design 2019

 Lab Designers : Aliza Mahmood, Danni Peng, Ryan Westphal, Tommy Yang / Design Critics : Jane Piron & Jennifer Wightman

一日三餐 , Three Meals a Day :: explores the construction of a world within the framework of symbio-foods through systemic interactions of humans, machines, and “nature”, food. In taking this holistic, speculative, approach which blended policy, product design, economics, and the urban perspective, we hoped to explore the futures of synthetic bio-foods.

Through this approach, what we arrived at, instead, is a question which is: Are food innovations the ultimate solution for problems of climate, hunger, nature, and the progression of humankind? In our speculation, the attempts to maintain a social connection with food, ultimately led to many more effects and problems, greatly complicating the proposal.

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